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BroadPort (BroadWay)

The ambition of the BroadWay project is to achieve operational mobility for public safety responders across Europe by linking national mission-critical mobile broadband networks to act as one. This will allow pan-European national mobility and the communication between first responders, providing the highest levels of security and reliability across Europe, at any time, regardless of their location. European first responders will benefit from new mission-critical communication capabilities, enabling closer collaboration and saving lives when disasters hit. 

On 6 July 2020, the Solution Prototype Phase (Phase 2) officially started with the signing of contracts by Astrid SA, the Lead Procurer of the BroadWay PCP, and three successful consortia. The  consortium “BroadPort”, led by Frequentis, is one of the consortia that have been awarded the prototype project based on the successful technical concept developed in Phase 1 by the initial team of partners and subcontractors. This prototype will cover subsystems situated in four different countries. The architectural approach of BroadPort is flexible to allow for future and possible new network-related multinational deployment options for mission-critical broadband networks for PPDR. The BroadPort consortium consists of the following partners: Crosscall, ETELM, Halys, Municipality of Málaga, Nemergent Solutions SL, and Universidad de Málaga. The subcontractors are Arico Technologies, Eutelsat SA, PrioCom B.V., Telefónica I+D, T-Mobile Netherlands B.V., and Virtual Fort Knox AG.

Financial Entity : H2020-EU.3.7.1
Role: Participant
Date: 1/03/2018 - 30/09/2022
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