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High-tech and affordable 5G network roll-out every corner (Affordable5G).

5G networks are fast becoming a reality, with big vendors developing 5G network equipment and mobile network operators preparing its commercialisation. However, there is an urgent need to support solutions tailored to specific types of networks. The EU-funded Affordable5G project is developing a 5G network that will offer an integrated and affordable solution covering the needs of private and enterprise networks. The project will introduce a technical innovation that is to be spread across all parts of the 5G network, supporting cell densification, RU/DU/CU splits, hardware acceleration, edge computing and core network virtualisation with an extensive use of open platforms. This innovation will support European small and medium-sized enterprises in becoming pioneers in the global 5G market.

Financial Entity : H2020-EU2.1.1
Role: Participant
Date: 1/09/2020 - 31/08/2022
Web: Website