Morse Reseach group


PerformLTE is a realistic environment composed of radio access equipment (eNodeBs), commercial user equipment (UE) and core networks (EPC) connected to the public Internet. The set of platforms includes software tools for configuration, monitoring and performance analysis. This testbed is suitable for executing complex experiments in three different ways. As a first option, the experimenter can use the most controlled and configurable platform, a complete proprietary LTE network build on top of LTE testing equipment employed by certified laboratories. This testing-oriented platform supports one UE per eNodeB. It integrates channel emulation, digital generation of impairments such as AWGN, standard multipath profiles for emulating 3GPP reference propagation conditions and provides up to 4×2 MIMO features. The expected use is to run the application being tested in the UE, complete an advanced configuration of the parameters in the eNodeB and capture all the relevant traffic from all interfaces for further processing.  Once the configurations have been evaluated in this scenario, the same experiment or new experiments can be validated with real eNodeBs deployed in a proprietary UMA LTE network integrated by commercial pico-cells and one EPC. In the last scenario, PerformLTE enables the remote evaluation of the experiments providing access to on-the-shelf devices connected to LTE commercial networks deployed in Málaga.