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Post-Doctorate Researchers
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Formal methods to ensure the safety in real-time and hybrid systems.
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Dr. Laura Panizo received the B.S. in Telecommunications Engineer in 2006 and the PhD in Computer Science in 2013 both from the University of Málaga.
Currently, she is an Assistant Professor at the University of Málaga and member of the MORSE research group.
Her research interest includes formal methods for Cyber-Physical Systems (model checking, model-based testing, runtime verification, etc), focusing on embedded and mobile communication systems. She has participated in different European projects such as the SAID project, designing and developing a decision support tool for dam management, the TRIANGLE project, in the automatic generation of mobile apps models and the use of model-based testing techniques, or the EuWireless project, in the design of a pan-European research infrastructure for mobile communication.
 She has co-authored papers in relevant conferences and journals in the field of mobile network and computing, like IEEE AINA, IEEE VTC or  Wireless Communications and Mobile Computing, as well as , relevant journals and conferences in the field of software reliability, like “Software: Practice and Experience”, “Software Testing, Verification and Reliability”, FMICS, SEFM, and SPIN.