Is GÉANT Testbeds Service compliant with ETSI MANO?

TitleIs GÉANT Testbeds Service compliant with ETSI MANO?
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2019
AuthorsValera-Muros B, Merino-Gomez P
Conference Name2019 IEEE 2nd 5G World Forum (5GWF) (WF-5G'19)
Conference LocationDesdren, Germany

The new 5G mobile communication networks rely on secure and efficient scheduling of the resources to keep a number of parallel slices alive. Each slice is like a virtual private mobile network for one service and a number of customers. Creating, monitoring, updating, and releasing resources assigned to keep all the slices alive in parallel is the role of the new Management and Orchestration entity (MANO). As the MANO concept is relatively new, several proposals are under evaluation by researchers and network operators. This paper introduces a new one into the discussion, the GÉANT Testbeds Service (GTS), which is already working in the GÉANT production network. Our conclusion is that GTS can meet the requirements of the ETSI MANO standard architecture.