3GPP Standards to Deliver LTE Connectivity for IoT

Title3GPP Standards to Deliver LTE Connectivity for IoT
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2016
AuthorsDíaz-Zayas A, García CAugusto, Recio ÁManuel, Merino P
Conference NameIEEE First International Conference on Internet-of-Things Design and Implementation (IoTDI)

Nowadays, the maturity of IoT applications, networking technologies and manufacturers of "things" have caused an explosion in the number of connected devices. There are several reports which calculate that the number of connected things will reach 50 billion in the near future. This paper focuses on the provision of wide area and efficient connectivity to the Internet of Things(IoT), a key factor in such an explosion, through the usage of LTE. LTE MTC (Machine Type Communication), LTE M2M or just LTE-M are the coined terms that refer to this issue. This paper provides a detailed analysis of the standardization efforts carried out by the 3GPP to convert LTE into an IoT capable technology.